Mom and Pop Stores VS Large Format Retail Stores

India is a complicated country in terms of retail. On one side we see large shopping malls, which have every imaginable big brand, and on the other we have a large sector of unorganised retail shops that dominates how the Indian baby Products market. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these stores

Mom and Pop Stores


  • The service level at these stores is exceptional in most cases. They have loyal customers and often even deliver products to their homes. Product returns, or replacements is also facilitated by these stores. There suggestions go a long way in making a sale as they are trusted by the mothers.
  • The proximity that these stores have to the homes, also helps the mothers as they are practically able to get their products at a moment’s notice.
  • These stores and their owners are ready to go the extra mile for their customers. If a product is currently not in stock, they will make an extra effort and arrange it for the customer some way or the other.
  • They even have products that are not coming through a legal channel. The grey channel, these products are original but are being brought into the country by a grey channel.


  • Most of these stores are small stores and lack in space. They are unable to showcase the products properly.
  • They have only one or two stores at max so they are unable to really have a following.
  • These stores want a quick turnaround in their products and are not willing to invest in innovative products. They like to invest highly in diapers and other daily need products instead of innovative products.

Large Format Retail Stores


  • They normally are made in huge spaces, so they have a lot of floor area to showcase products and brands well.
  • A chain of stores can easily have a store in almost every major shopping mall giving them a bigger footprint.
  • They concentrate on innovative products and exclusive products instead of the daily need products.


  • There is absolutely no personal touch. The customers do not know the sales staff, and will always treat their recommendations with a question
  • For one to shop in these stores, you have to go top a mall, or a big market instead of your neighbourhood market.
  • Special requests at these stores are often ignored or very difficult to handle as they have to go a chain of people to get anything done.

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