How to make baby sleep and stay asleep for a long time

The first three months of a baby life is a transition between the womb and real world. The job of the mother is to usher the baby through the transition. In the mother’s womb the baby was active. Now that the baby is no longer inside the mother’s womb, it is a must that you change the schedule. The process is gradual and it is not something that will happen overnight but it is advisable that you start as soon as you reach at home from the hospital.

There are so many mothers who allow the baby to dictate their own sleeping schedule because it looks wonderful and natural. It is the best thing to do let the baby decide what to do. The first week from the hospital the baby will be sleeping a lot. This is because the baby is recovering from birth therefore the baby needs a lot of sleep. Since new mothers have no idea on how to make baby sleep for a long time, it is imperative for them to follow the following tips.

Develop an attitude that is realistic

Eating, crying or putting baby to sleep is not something that you can force the baby to do. The best thing to do is creating an environment that is secure and will allow the baby to sleep. A realistic attitude will help the baby develop a good attitude about sleeping. Most sleep problems in grownups and children started when they were young because of an unhealthy attitude about sleeping that was not a good state to enter. It is imperative for mothers to teach the baby a restful attitude concerning sleep when they are still young. This is important because it is going to help the child to sleep well when they are old.

When putting the baby to sleep stay flexible

There is no single sleeping approach that is going to work with all babies all the time.  If the experiment that you are using is not going to work it is good that you drop it. It is advisable that you develop a sleeping style on how to put a baby to sleep that will work for you. Keep working on a style that will fit on the baby. If it works it is imperative that you stick to it. If it does not work be open and try another style. You should be prepared to change the styles. There is one style that will work in one stage of the baby life therefore it is advisable that you change the style as the baby enters another stage. It is good that you follow your heart instead of another stranger advice.

Decide where the baby sleeps well

There is no good or bad place where babies sleep. Some babies sleep well in their own crib in their room, others sleep well in their bassinet and others sleep well next to the parent’s bed. Most mothers like a co-sleeper arrangement. But parents use different sleeping arrangements in the first two years. As the baby develops, it is prudent to change styles.

Give the baby a warm bath

A warm bath should be followed by a massage in order to relax the muscle. You have to be careful because it will stimulate the baby. Babies should learn that daytime is for eating and nighttime for sleeping. Older babies are busy playing the whole day and they forget to eat. In order to reverse the habit, it is prudent for mothers to feed the baby every three hours during the day.

Dress for the occasion

Mothers should try various ways to make the baby sleep. In the early months most babies like to sleep tight swaddled securely in a baby blanket. Dress the baby loosely during the day. It is prudent to adjust layering temperature of the room. Babies sleep well in cotton sleepwear. The environment should not be noisy. Most babies are awaken by sudden noises. If there is a lot of light in the room, use opaque shades to block the light. This will make the baby to sleep for a long time.

Use gadgets and music

Gadgets which are used to make baby sleep have become popular in the market. Parents who work the whole day pay a lot of money for a good night sleep. There are various types of gadgets which can be used to make the baby to sleep. Try playing a tape recording the baby lullabies. You can also make your own lullabies.

The baby should be satisfied

Stuffing the baby with cereal before going to sleep works, a tablespoon given to a baby over six months makes the baby to sleep longer. Tiny babies have tummies which are tiny. The digestive system of a baby was designed for small feedings. This is the reason why the first month babies feed around three to four hours at night

Clear the nose

In the first early months, babies require a nasal passage that is clear so that they can breathe. Later they breathe through their mouth incase the nose is blocked. Inhalant allergies are the most popular cause of a stuffy nose and waking up consequently. It is imperative to dust free the baby bedroom daily. If the baby is allergy prone, a HEPA type filter is going to help. White nose from the air filer will help the baby to sleep.

Wet diapers should be changed

There are babies who are not comfortable in wet diapers. If the baby sleeps through wet diapers there is no need of waking up the baby. You can change the diapers before you feed the baby. Babies who are still breastfeeding have bowel movement during or after feeding the baby and they will have to be changed again. If you are going to use cloth diapers, it is imperative to put either two or three diapers before the baby goes to sleep.

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